My Favorite Television Series

Of course I’ve enjoyed many more TV series than the list below, but if I had to pick a core list that I would recommend to others the following are it.


Star Trek – TOS

Star Trek – Deep Space 9

The Avengers – 1960’s British, w/ Patrick Macnee and Diana Rigg.  Adventure, spy, touches of scifi.  Series becomes more surreal as time goes on.

Danger Man (aka Secret Agent in US) – 1960’s British.  Action/Adventure, Spy.  The thinking man’s Bond.

Combat! – 1960’s World War II drama/action w/ Rick Jason and Vic Morrow as alternating leads.  The list of directors is like a who’s who of Hollywood’s best.  Lots of realism.  You can watch this on two different levels: 1. as action war show,  2. as a commentary about how costly war is on everyone and what a waste.  Not preachy though.

Sherlock Holmes – 1984 British, starring Jeremy Brett.

All Creatures Great and Small – 1978 starring Christopher Timothy, Robert Hardy.

Inspector Lewis – British, detective fiction.

Inspector Montalbano – Italian, Detective Fiction.

Maigret – 1991 – 2004.  French.  Detective Fiction.  Starring Bruno Cremer.

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