Companies that could build a search engine 2024

I’m talking about a general web search engine with it’s own index.  Seems relevant since Google is showing signs of poor quality and is being sued for antitrust.

Apple – they already have a crawler out indexing.

Yahoo/Verizon – Verizon is the parent company of the once mighty Yahoo.  A lot depends on Google losing exclusive default search engine on Android verizon could step in for phones sold by Verizion. Yahoo controls a lot of old search engine brand names.

Samsung – largest maker of Android phones.  Again, if Google could no longer dictate default search on Android Samsung might try it.

Amazon – they know how to crawl the web.  Long shot.

DuckDuckGo – right now they rely on Bing for most of their web results.  It’s a longshot but they might want to build their own index.

Meta – parent co. of Facebook.