I’m striking out on WordPress Glossary Plugins

I wanted to add a glossary to my directory’s blog to handle some repetitive knowledge tasks.

Well I’ve looked through most of the WordPress plugins available and:

  1. The free version is under powered and the Pro version is a damn subscription costing $55 annually.  Dream on.  I got too many subscriptions already.  This ain’t a commercial blog.
  2. The whole glossary plugin is way to complicated for what I want.
  3. Sounds perfect but requires block editor.
  4. Sounds good, not recommended for my version of WP and/or has not been updated in 2 years.
  5. Should work, tried it, didn’t work. Plugin homepage 404 and plugin designers website in French.


I could also make do with a wiki plugin, or maybe a Knowledge Base plugin.   Both are a bit more than I need.

Adding Analog Directory Category

Thinking about adding a category “Analog” to Indieseek.xyz.

It would include paper things like:  paper journals, fountain pens, other writing implements, office supply p*rn, typewriters, analog zettelkasten, notebooks.

Also things like analog watches and clocks.

Other stuff?


Added: 30 August 2022


  • Paper Journals
  • Paper Notebooks
  • Pens
  • Pencils?
  • Office Supplies
  • Typewriters
  • Paper Notes?

Marlo: New Search Engine

14 August 2022

Spotted a new, never seen before, crawler over at Indieseek.xyz:



Which belongs to Sandy Maguire.

Nothing to explain it.  The search engine says “Indexed: 40,391 / Discovered: 1,323,214” as of this date.

Marlo Search engine has two modes: 1. Traditional – like most search engines,  2. spatial – like a star cluster map.

Both return several hundred returns.  Spatial is interesting.


Need to Add Note Keeping Schemes to Indieseek.xyz

10 August 2022

I need to add categories for different Note Keeping schemes to Indieseek.xyz directory.   Have to figure out where this fits in taxonomy.

Should include:

Both how to’s, definitions and real life examples.

Digital and analog paper.

Commonplace book, digital garden, zettelkasten, journals, logs, others.  (Name more others. )

Taxonomy could be tricky.  I don’t think I will split digital vs analog into subcats.  Must look at existing taxo.

(Side note: One could create whole section of what I call “stationary p*rn” (ie. writing paper, fountain pens, ink, ball points, journals, note books, blotters, etc. and/or “office p*rn” staplers, paper clip holders, card file cabinets, file folders, filing cabinets, postage stamp roll holders, stamp pads, …)