Using a Private Webring to Link Your Sites Together

If you have a bunch of different websites one way you can link them together is by using a private webring.  A private webring has a closed membership and no signup for outsiders to join.

It’s a subtle way to share some traffic between your own sites without loading up your footer or sidebar.

You can make a private webring at:

or use one of the many different webring code scripts that are floating around.


Are Webrings for Digital Gardens?

Keeping your garden on the open web also sets you up to take part in the future of gardening. At the moment our gardens are rather solo affairs. We haven’t figure out how to make them multi-player. But there’s an enthusiastic community of developers and designers trying to fix that. It’s hard to say what kind of libraries, frameworks, and design patterns might emerge out of that effort, but it certainly isn’t going to happen behind a Medium paywall.

from  A Brief History & Ethos of the Digital Garden.

There is currently no way to interconnect digital gardens and other personal knowledge bases, however a stopgap solution might be a webring of the same.  I know this is not quite what the author was eluding to but it triggered the thought.  Also a link is a link.

  1. A webring as a pathway from one garden to another.
  2. Webrings are also a community of a sort.
  3. Webrings are voluntary associations.  The garden owner must want to be associated with the other garden owners.  Must want to have a gate to the garden along the webring path.
  4. Webrings are free, simple and familiar.