Typewriters: Hermes Rocket and Brother 44 or Brother Charger | Fiction vs Non-Fiction Writing

All are ultra portables.

Info from: https://typewriterreview.com/2021/09/01/brother-44/

Where the Brother is not so nimble is the clunky carriage shift. It’s a trait common to ultra-portables. To arrive at such a small package, gone is the space for a lighter basket shift. Brother solves shifting by raising and lowering the entire carriage in a bench press like move with the shift key. And when the shift is released, the carriage comes crashing down. If you’re a fiction writer with lots of witty dialogue, getting to all those quote marks will be a chore

This is interesting because I never thought about how the carriage shift would be different for writing fiction vs. non-fiction.  All those quote marks.

If you are going to be writing fiction the more expensive Hermes Rocket is the better choice.