Search Engines that Have Found this Site

This will be a running list.

Site created 4 August 2022.  Launched around 8 August 2022.  Very few inbound links.

As of 18 August 2022.  Search was for “cyberzettel”

Bing – Yes.  extensive crawling.  Already got first SE hit via DuckDuckGo which relies on Bing.  Still surprised.

Google – Yes.  Several pages.

Yandex – No.

Mojeek – No.

Gigablast – No.

Brave – No.

Right Dao – No.

Yep – Yes.  This really surprised me. Only one or two pages plus a couple of pages that link to or mention.

Alexandria – No.


Bonus Surprise – – little did not have this site in their index because they don’t crawl the web.  But they found two pages in their index that actually mentioned the site.  So they do keep their index fresh.  Cool.

This isn’t a critique of the search engines listed, but since I have a new site it presents an opportunity to test how fast these search engines find and index.

First Search Engine Referral

I’m surprised.  It’s been about a week or 10 days since I started this site and I already got a search engine referral from:  DuckDuckGo.  (DDG uses Bing so it’s really sort of a Bing referreral.)

I don’t do any SEO optimization on this site and pay no attention to SEO when I write notes.  I do watch the different crawlers but that is sort of a passive thing.

Anyway, just wanted to record this strange event.