Mojeek: Search Engine is a general web search engine.

What makes it significant?

  1. Privacy. No tracking.
  2. Has it’s own crawler and only uses it’s own index.  It does not use Bing or Google at all.
  3. It has the 4th largest self crawled English index of the Web after Google, Bing and Yandex.
  4. It is located in the UK, in the democratic West which has rule of law.
  5. It has it’s own algorithm and does not try to reverse engineer Google’s ranking results. (eg. Brave Search)

Because Yandex is Russian, for all practical purposes Mojeek is really the 3rd largest English Lang. search engine in terms of index size.

WP Themes and Indieweb

Tried using the Indieweb compatible IW26 theme.  Started getting array errors.  Not sure why.  There are too many moving parts going on right now to stop and try and diagnose the problem so I switched to the standard Twenty Sixteen theme.

Indieweb plugins installed.  They are going to have to work with Twenty Sixteen theme or not.  Indieweb capability would be nice but is not a priority for this site right now. Bugfix later.  My original vision for this site includes comment form but no Indieweb.  Added Indieweb because I can see synergies, but it is not vital for task.

Could have used SemPress theme which I like a lot, but already using it since 2018 on another site and need to have different appearance.